Lets face it, you’re standing in line waiting for the changing room, it’s super warm/cold, people are squishing past you. You’re carrying 2 shirts and 5 pairs of jeans while trying to pass time on your phone. If you’re lucky you’d be in one of the change rooms in less than 5 minutes. Then the task is simple… Try on all the clothes you have without actually touching anything because oh gosh, what have people done in these rooms no one wants to know.

Shopping is fun. Changing 10 times in a row isn’t.

Now suppose you’re buy clothes online.
The problem is there is no good technology for displaying clothes on YOU. Sure some sites offer walkway shows of super skinny models in those clothes, or you get to input your shoulder, chest, and waist measurements for a quick simulation. The first is obvious-most of us are not super fit models. The latter is probably as close as you can get right now to simulating yourself. However, what if one side of your chest is bulkier than the other? What about those lower abs that’s still nowhere insight when the upper abs are already built?

Nothing actually represents you. Aside from yourself.

What about different areas? It would be nice if you’re actually your own character in games for once, wouldn’t it? Having a full body model stored securely in your medical record might be helpful one day. Also, recording weight changes wouldn’t get any easier.

While 3D scanning has taken off, attempts at digitizing and creating editable models is still lacking.

This is why ScanMe is here.